Furukawa Electric is First in Japan to Obtain JIS Standard Certification for "C1011" Oxygen-free Copper
- Has obtained highest level of JIS certification for oxygen-free copper (first in Japan from a certification authority) -

March 23, 2017

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. is the first in Japan to obtain certification for "C1011"(note 1) oxygen-free copper for electron devices—the highest standard of oxygen-free copper. Having obtained this certification, Furukawa Electric will now be able to provide high purity oxygen-free copper that customers can use with ultimate peace of mind.

(note 1)C1011:
JIS H 3510, "Oxygen free copper sheets, plates, strips, seamless pipes and tubes, rods, bars and wires for electron devices"


With the popularization of hybrid vehicles (PHV) and electric vehicles (EV) and the installation of wind power generation and solar battery panels in recent years, the power device and electronic components used by these systems are expected to grow more advanced. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the problem of heat in terms of safety.
High purity oxygen-free copper manufactured by Furukawa Electric offers the best conductivity, heat conductivity, and non-magnetism in the world, while "C1011" oxygen-free copper for electron devices boasts the highest conductivity and heat conductivity of all pure copper, and is used for a range of applications including shielding for high performance electronic components and submarine optical cables.


Furukawa Electric has obtained certification for "C1011" oxygen-free copper for electron devices (JIS H 3510)—the highest standard for oxygen-free copper. Furukawa Electric is the first in Japan to receive this certification from a third party certification authority.
Furukawa Electric has manufactured oxygen-free copper using a shaft furnace that began operating in 2003, and has continued to use the equivalent ingredient standards until now. However, obtaining this JIS certification will make it possible once again to demonstrate inside and out that it is conducting integrated production and strict process control for everything from ingots to products of all types.
Furukawa Electric will continue its efforts to be chosen by customers and to serve as a partner in its role as a leading manufacturer of oxygen-free copper with the highest pure copper characteristics in the world.

C1011 coil

C1011 coil

Ingredient explanation

Impurity comparison table

(Unit: %)
  C1011 Product(note 2) C1020
Cu ≧99.99 ≧99.99 ≧99.96
Pb ≦0.001 <0.0001 NS
Zn ≦0.0001 <0.0001
Bi ≦0.001 <0.0001
Cd ≦0.0001 <0.0001
Hg ≦0.0001 <0.0001
O ≦0.001 <0.0003
P ≦0.0003 <0.0002
S ≦0.0018 <0.0004
Se ≦0.001 <0.0001
Te ≦0.001 <0.0001
H NS <0.0002

(note 2)Product: A representative value for oxygen-free copper products manufactured in the Furukawa Electric shaft furnace
NS: No standard

Compared with "C1020" oxygen-free copper, the "C1011" for which JIS certification was recently obtained offers 4N (99.99%) purity or greater, and meets the impurity standards for all ten types of elements.
"C1011" manufactured by Furukawa Electric contains 0.0002% oxygen (O)—much less than the JIS standard 0.001% or less—and also contains hardly any hydrogen content thanks to hydrogen control implemented during the melting and casting processes. This means that hydrogen embrittlement is not a concern, allowing for high connection reliability when soldering, gas welding, or the like. It also emits extremely little gas, making it an ideal material for vacuum applications.
Meanwhile, its extremely high purity demonstrates a residual resistivity ratio (RRR)(note 3) of 350 or greater (500 or greater for high grade), making it compatible with Grade-1—the highest grade in the ASTM-F68 standard. This means it can be used without issue for applications that require high performance in extremely low temperatures, such as stabilizing material for superconducting power cables or electron tube components for accelerators.

(note 3)Residual resistivity ratio (RRR): Residual Resistivity Ratio
An indicator showing how easily electricity passes at a low temperature (4.2K). Higher values indicate higher purity.
C1020 generally has a two-digit RRR.

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