Furukawa Automotive Systems Greatly Expands Lineup of Corrosion-proof Terminals for Automobile Wire Harnesses
- Expanding the use of aluminum and helping to make automobiles more environmentally friendly -

April 26, 2017

Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. (HQ: Inukami-gun, Shiga Prefecture; President: Katsumi Shibata; hereinafter, FAS), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has greatly expanded its lineup of corrosion-proof terminals ("α Terminal Series") for use with aluminum wires found in automobile wires harnesses (W/H). Full scale mass production was launched in January of this year.
α Terminal Series products offer a range of benefits including superior anti-corrosion properties and compatibility with existing connector housings. Expanding the types of situations in which α Terminal Series products can be used will further accelerate the use of aluminum W/H and help to make automobiles more environmentally friendly.


Recently, the use of aluminum W/H has been attracting attention as manufacturers continue to make automobiles lighter—and due to the recent depletion and increasing costs of copper resources. Some have calculated that using aluminum in large SUVs could reduce the weight of W/H anywhere from 30% to 40%, helping to improve the fuel efficiency of these vehicles.
However, if we are to use aluminum W/H it will be crucial to take measures against dissimilar metal corrosion that occurs in terminal areas, in order to obtain satisfactory electrical connections between aluminum wires and terminals made from copper alloys. Until now, there were several factors preventing the widespread use of aluminum W/H. For example, conventional aluminum W/H required a separate work process when crimping terminals during manufacturing (which resulted in increased manufacturing costs), and also required dedicated connector housings(note 1) (making them unsuitable for general purpose use).
FAS has successfully developed the α Terminal Series of corrosion-proof terminals, which offer world-leading anti-corrosive performance and reduced anti-corrosion treatment costs, and can be used with existing connector housings. FAS has been mass producing 090 size(note 2) terminals (tab width of 2.3 mm; applicable wire range of 0.75 mm2 to 2.5 mm2; eight types in total) since August 2015.

(note 1)Connector housing:
A part that stores the terminals crimped to the electrical wires. It provides electrical insulation between poles, and fits/holds male and female terminals together. These general purpose parts come in a wide range of variations to meet a variety of W/H needs, with different numbers of poles or terminal arrangements for each type of terminal.

(note 2)090 size:
Connector size is normally expressed using the tab width of the male terminals. A larger number indicates a larger connector.


FAS has recently added two new sizes (060 and 025) to the α Terminal Series product lineup, both of which are smaller than 090 size products. Mass production launched in January of this year. With these new sizes, the α Terminal Series now consists of 25 types of products, greatly expanding the range of circuits that can be used with W/H.
The newly developed α Terminal Series products are already being used in the new Lexus LV500 and LC500h models that were launched in March of this year. The ratio of aluminum used in the parts of the W/H manufactured by FAS inside both models was increased from 3% to 25%, further reducing the weight of the W/H.

FAS plans to focus its efforts on sales of terminal products, by expanding its mass production system for α Terminal Series products and establishing a sales system for crimping equipment compatible with α Terminal Series products required for W/H manufacturing.

α Terminal Series

α Terminal Series

α Terminal Series Product Lineup

Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. Company Outline

Founded November 1950
Capital 3 billion yen
President Katsumi Shibata, Representative Director
Headquarters 1000 Amago, Koura-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga
Major products Wire harnesses, related electronic products, and other in-car functional products
Ratio of stock held by Furukawa Electric 100% (as of April 2017)

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