Furukawa Expands Lineup of "Plafleky PFD" Flexible Cable-protecting Pipe to Help Save labor at Construction Sites
- Two new large diameter sizes (⌀42 and ⌀54) ideal for outdoor/exposed pipes -

May 15, 2017

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Furukawa Industrial Plastics Co., Ltd. (HQ: Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture; President: Takashi Sato) have expanded their lineup of "Plafleky PFD Series" synthetic resin flexible cable-protecting pipe with two new large diameter size (⌀42 and ⌀54) products ideal for outdoor and exposed pipes.


"Plafleky PFD Series" synthetic resin flexible cable-protecting pipe was the first product developed by Furukawa Electric in Japan in 1975 as cable protection pipe that is long, light, easy to bend, and durable. Furukawa Electric then began adding "Plafleky PFD High-Quality Black" to its lineup in 2007. The product offers advanced weather resistance for use in photovoltaic power generation, and has been widely praised for its high reliability.
Trunk line systems (such as industrial electrical equipment and wireless communication base stations) use large capacity cable sizes—this means that metallic pipes must used because conventionally sized pipes (⌀36 or smaller) are not compatible. However, metallic pipes are heavy and require time and effort to process them (such as cutting, bending, rustproofing, and waterproofing their connections). This has created a demand for stable processing quality and reduced labor.


Furukawa Electric has recently added two new large diameter size products (⌀42 and ⌀54) to the existing lineup of "Plafleky PFD Series" synthetic resin flexible cable-protecting pipes (which are already available in ⌀16, ⌀22, ⌀28, and ⌀36 sizes). Mass production launched in April of this year. The ⌀54 size product is an industry first for synthetic resin flexible cable-protecting pipe PFD type products.
These products, based on material technologies used in developing the current size products, offer optimized structures, are easy to bend, and are very durable. Since they are made from synthetic resin, they are extremely light, and can be easily cut or bent without requiring any special tools. They also provide simple coupling (just insert) and are waterproof.

Plafleky PFD Series

Plafleky PFD Series

With the release of these products, the Plafleky Series now comes in six sizes (from ⌀16 and ⌀54) and three colors (high-quality black, gray, and ivory). Further, because they are lightweight and easy to bend, these products can be used in a wide range of situations in addition to industrial electrical equipment and wireless communication base stations, such as in infrastructure (including roads, railroads, and bridges) and industrial equipment (including air conditioners and heating/cooling equipment) applications.
Furukawa Electric will continue to work as a cable manufacturer to help save labor at construction sites by expanding its lineup of "Plafleky PFD Series" products and actively developing products that help to save labor.


  • Easy to bend—minimum bend radius of 3DR supports tight bends
  • Light, with a mass per 1 m of around 0.5 kg (⌀42) or 0.6 kg (⌀54); offers superior workability for easy cutting
  • Secure double structure offers excellent durability
  • Advanced weather resistance equivalent to around 30 years during accelerated exposure tests (Plafleky PFD High-Quality Black)
  • Easy to connect (just insert) and is compatible with a wide lineup of waterproof (IPX5) coupling systems

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