Furukawa Electric Develops “TAIKO ACE,” a Non-film Type Foam Material with Improved Weather Resistance
- Helps to control condensation from metallic roofs on carports, garages, and more -

November 29, 2017

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has successfully developed “TAIKO ACE,” a condensation prevention and heat insulating material for use with metallic roofs. This non-film type foam material offers even better weather resistance than conventional “FOAM ACE” and is already available for purchase. “TAIKO ACE” is the ideal heat insulating material to control condensation dripping in carports, garages, and other locations easily susceptible to UV rays.


Backing foam material for metallic roofs is a type of heat insulating material used to control indoor condensation. Furukawa Electric’s “FOAM ACE” was the first chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam developed in the world. It offers superior heat resistance, workability, and chemical resistance, and has been used in a wide range of applications for 50 years, since it was first released in 1966.

However, UV rays can cause foam material to peel when it used on metallic roofs for carports, garages, and other locations, so there is a demand for a product that offers improved weather resistance over conventional products. Although there are film-laminated foam material products with improved weather resistance, such products tend to be expensive and have issues with surface water retention. There has therefore continued to be a demand for a foam material that offers excellent water retention at a reasonable cost for use in carports.


With the development of “TAIKO ACE,” the newest entry in the “FOAM ACE” series, Furukawa Electric is now the first company in Japan to successfully develop a non-film type foam material using proprietary weather resistance treatment.

This product offers the same heat resistance and water retention performance as conventional “FOAM ACE,” but also controls deterioration in the adhesive layer between the metal and foam material by reducing the UV ray penetration ratio. Its film-less design also offers excellent cost performance.

The product serves as the ideal backing foam material for metallic roofs on carports, garages, and other locations requiring even stronger control of UV rays than conventional “FOAM ACE.”



Furukawa Electric will continue to leverage the technologies it has developed over the past 50 years as a top manufacturer of backing foam for metallic roofs, in order to develop highly functional new products.

About Furukawa Electric Group

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