Okano Cable Develops UL-compatible Ultra-thin and Highly Bendable LAN Cable
- Ideal for movable part wiring in severe environments for industrial robotics and machine vision -

August 30, 2018

Okano Cable Co., Ltd.

Okano Cable Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-5-28 Fukami-Nishi Yamato-Shi Kanagawa; President: Masaru Seto), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has developed the industry’s first thin industrial LAN cable that withstands repeated bending, and will begin selling the product in September 2018. The UL-certified product uses a special conductor developed by Furukawa Electric to achieve a degree of bendability 1.5 times greater than conventional products.


With recent advances in the automation and high performance of manufacturing equipment, there is a growing need in the industrial robotics field for industrial LAN cables that can be run in small spaces inside severe environments.
Okano Cable has taken a leading role within its industry in developing high-density industrial LAN cables, such as launching a mobile ultra-thin LAN cable in 2014 with an outer diameter of only 4.0 mm—the thinnest in the industry. Okano Cable has now developed a UL-certified product after receiving many requests from its customers.


Based on its popular ultra-thin mobile LAN cable, Okano Cable applied the alloy strip and process design technologies it developed together with Furukawa Electric to develop a UL-certified highly flexible industrial LAN cable. This product is just as thin as the previous product at an outer diameter of only 4.0 mm, but is also capable of withstanding a 90° bending test 15 million times or more (1.5 times that of conventional products). It also offers a dual shielded structure for a high level of noise resistance and yet is thin, light, and flexible—making it the ideal LAN cable for use with industrial robotics and other equipment used in severe environments.

Specifications & characteristics

  • High flexibility: Withstands a bending test 15 million times or more

  • Cable bear test: 40 million times or more

  • Twisting test: 10 million times or more

  • Allowable tension: 500 N

  • Outer diameter: 4.0 mm

  • Weight: Approx. 25 kg/km

  • UL standard: 80°C rated value 60 V compatible

  • Communication standard: Cat.5e equivalent

  • Major uses: Compatible with industrial robotics and other similar equipment, and offers excellent oil resistance, thermal resistance, flame resistance, and flexibility.

UL-compatible highly flexible ultra-thin LAN cable

UL-compatible highly flexible ultra-thin LAN cable

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