Furukawa Electric to Begin Selling Five Sizes of "Square EFLEX" Underground Cable-protecting Pipes
- The perfect pipe for compact multi-strip piping helps to reduce costs -

February 20, 2018

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. was the first company in Japan to release “EFLEX” underground cable-protecting pipes in 1967, and the series has been on the market now for 50 years. Furukawa Electric has announced that it will begin selling a total of five sizes of “Square EFLEX” as a new addition to its lineup of “EFLEX” series products, in celebration of the series’ 50th anniversary on the market.


With the enactment of the “Power Pole Elimination Promotion Bill” and the like, more cables are expected to be installed underground all over Japan as means to prevent disaster and improve scenery. However, some pressing issues still remain. For example, there is only limited space beneath sidewalks to install cables, and doing so is expensive. There is therefore a growing need for cable-protecting pipes that allow multi-strip piping to be installed in a compact area.


Furukawa Electric will begin selling a total of five sizes of “Square EFLEX” as its new lineup of “EFLEX” series products on February 19 of this year. Three sizes (with an internal diameter of φ50 mm, φ81 mm, and φ100 mm) are already available, but due to popular demand Furukawa Electric will be adding φ130 mm and φ150 mm sizes to the series.
“Square EFLEX” is just as lightweight as conventional “EFLEX” products, but its unique shape (where the peaks of corrugated surface are square, while the valleys are round) makes multi-strip multi-level piping easier, which stacks pipes on top each other—without sacrificing the easy bendability offered by the “EFLEX” series. This results in a compact installation cross-section, with less excavation required and lower construction costs. Furukawa Electric will also develop couplers for “Square EFLEX” products that offer the same workability and water stopping characteristics as the popular “EFLEX” series couplers, to provide customers with a system of products that offers convenience and peace of mind.
Furukawa Electric will continue to develop the underground pipe technologies it has accumulated over the last 50 years as a cable manufacturer, in order to propose highly reliable systems that minimize construction times, from its position as a top manufacturer of flexible protective pipes for electric cables.

Square EFLEX

Square EFLEX

Product Lineup

Five sizes: Internal diameter of φ50 mm, φ81 mm, φ100 mm, φ130 mm, and φ150 mm

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