President Keiichi Kobayashi’s Address at the Initiation Ceremony in Fiscal 2019

April 1, 2019

Welcome aboard, everyone. I am Kobayashi, President of Furukawa Electric. I am very pleased to welcome our 162 new members worldwide to the Furukawa Electric Group today.

As you know, the world is undergoing swift changes from moment to moment, and at the same time, Furukawa Electric is also changing greatly. In particular, with the progress of group management and globalization, we have expanded to more than 120 affiliate companies around the world, the number of employees of the group has exceeded 50,000, and the ratio of overseas sales will soon exceed 50%. Furukawa Electric has survived and grown for 135 years since the day it was established in 1884 because our seniors responded to changes in the environment, continued to respond to the needs and expectations of our customers, earning their trust, while studiously continuing Founder Ichibei Furukawa’s concept that we must “value employees, value customers, value new technology, and do something useful for society” and our DNA. Starting today, you are our new members who inherit that trust. My mission as President is to build “a corporation group that enables its employees to work with excitement” allowing each of you to have “Passion, Persistence, and Pride” as a leading player.

Keiichi Kobayashi, President

Keiichi Kobayashi, President

Furukawa Electric Group will maintain a common philosophy and values under the policy of “One Furukawa”. We selected values that we particularly want to respect and further enhance as Core Values, compiling them as five key values. The five key values are “Integrity”, “Innovation”, “Addressing Reality”, “Ownership and Speed”, and “Collaboration”.
Furukawa Electric also has a corporate culture that enables all of us to share our ideas openly. Functioning as one “team” by sharing our ideal form, philosophy, and vision is “One Furukawa”. I hope you will routinely embody these five Core Values as members of an organization that enables its members to share their ideas openly.

Now, in this year that you joined the company, I would like to talk about the kind of year this year will be for us.
In implementing the medium-term management plan “FURUKAWA G Plan 2020” that Furukawa Electric is working on from 2016, we regard the final three years of the plan as “2018 the year of preparation”, “2019 the year of emergence”, and “2020 the year of progress”. This year is “2019 the year of emergence” and it is most important year to reinforce the achievement of “progress” in the following and final year. Please have a strong sense that rather than “someone” achieving goals, each of you achieves your own goals and the accumulation of these goals will lead to achieving goals as a group. You all are leading players who advance Furukawa Electric to the next stage.

Furukawa Electric has continued to improve its technologies to “convey, connect, and store” “energy, information, and heat”. Currently, in a wide range of business fields including information and communication, energy, automobile, and electronic parts, we are expanding a wide array of products that support people’s lives in familiar ways worldwide. In this age where an era of 5G, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and smart energy is coming, the field of hybrid technologies and businesses of Furukawa Electric is becoming the core. We can say that finally “the era of a Furukawa useful to our customers has come”.

Protecting the health of people and social infrastructure and supporting truly sustainable growth with these accumulated technologies are Furukawa Electric’s missions. To achieve these objectives, the important thing is an environment that enables each member of the group to work positively and vigorously as a leading player, and there, the top management will actively engage in creating an environment that enables all of us to share our ideas openly and all of us to be ourselves.

Now, in joining this company there are three points for you to take to heart.

Safety first

The first is “safety first”.
Based on our Corporate Philosophy that “we will contribute to the realization of a truly sustainable society through continuous technological innovation, drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials”, Furukawa Electric has continued its business for 135 years, and “safety” is the fundamental premise of business continuity. The most important thing for Furukawa Electric to continue growing is that all employees work to avoid accidents from recruitment through to retirement and ensure safety. This is our top priority in every case. “Go-anzen-ni!” is a greeting at Furukawa Electric. Starting today, you are members of Furukawa Electric Group. Please vigorously take the initiative and say “Go-anzen-ni!”

Without fear of failure

The second is “increasing your ‘Cans’ and finding ‘Wills’ without fear of failure”.
In the course of your work, you will have your own thoughts and opinions and the time will come when you want to actually try something and take action. In this situation, you may be too afraid of “words from others in the event of failure” or “being unfair on others due to a failure” to actually take action. However, failures are neither unproductive nor terrible. Please regard failures as proof that you made brave tries with curiosity and gain experiences to the next step. I have also made plenty of failures. Such experiences are now my treasures.
We can gain new knowledge through the experiences gained by taking action. If you keep your interest alive and continue to take action without fear of failure, you will gain many “Cans”. Those “Cans” represent your growth itself. Corporate growth is the sum of the growth of its employees. Without the growth of our employees, corporate growth is cannot be realized. The “Cans” you accumulate are the “Cans” of Furukawa Electric. Please increase your “Cans” and expand your possibilities and field of vision through your work experiences. In this way, you will reach to what you really want to do and many “Wills” will result. I hope you will experience confident growth in a manner that “what you can do” becomes “what you want to do”, or in other words, “Cans” becomes “Wills”.

Maintain high ethical standards, and value honesty and integrity above all

The third is “working while valuing integrity”.
In the course of your work in the future, you may encounter many difficulties. In this situation, please go forward with a straightforward manner. Whereas all companies need to make a profit in order to survive and grow, more importantly, a company’s main purpose is to contribute to society through its business activities. Our products have supported the safe, secure, and comfortable lives of many people through infrastructure, energy, and automobile products. Therefore, while cherishing “Integrity” which is one of our “Core Values” I mentioned earlier, preserving quality, and delivering our products with pride so that customers see us as a real partner, let’s contribute to realizing a truly sustainable society. I hope every one of you will maintain high ethical standards as members of Furukawa Electric, value honesty and integrity above all, and become world-class business persons.

You are our employees who joined our company on the announcement day of the new Japanese era name are indeed our human resources who will open up the next era.
Welcome to Furukawa Electric. I have great expectations for your success.