Start of mass production of “perimeter monitoring radar” for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
- Contributing to safer work locations with world-class detection functions -

February 26, 2020

Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.

  • In recent years, the unmanning and self driving of construction machinery and agricultural machinery aimed at a “mobility society” has advanced, and the prevention of accidents during work has become an issue.
  • We will begin mass production of radars that contribute to safety assurance in the work sites of industries such as construction, agriculture and transportation.
  • The application of the on-board perimeter monitoring radar using the “pulse system” unique to Furukawa Automotive Systems will enable wide-angle, wide-range detection.

Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc. (Head Office: Inukami-gun, Shiga Prefecture; President: Shigenobu Abe), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, supplies automotive wire harnesses and functional parts globally under a policy of contributing while placing safety and security at the top of the list in the coming mobility society. We recently developed perimeter monitoring radars for automotive construction machinery and agricultural machinery and will start mass production from June this year.


In areas such as the construction, agriculture and transportation industries, the aging of workers and labor shortages have become serious issues. While the unmanning and self driving of construction machinery and agricultural machinery is progressing in association with that, efforts aimed at the prevention of accidents during operations have become an issue. In such circumstances, Furukawa Automotive Systems has applied an on-board perimeter monitoring radar(note 1) that has adopted the “pulse system” unique to the company and has world-class detection functions and stability performance to develop a radar that can more accurately detect people and obstacles in blind spots around vehicles at a wide angle even at short distances in various environments, such as in and around plant buildings, and on civil engineering and construction sites.

S124M12 Optical Fiber Ribbon Fusion Splicer

(note 1)Next generation “24 GHz perimeter monitoring radar”
This radar maintains freedom as it can be mounted within the bumper because it uses the quasi-millimeter wave band continuously.
It has also increased speed resolution by more than four times by use of the pulse method and realized resolution equivalent to that of a millimeter wave perimeter monitoring radar. We succeeded in overcoming detection distance problems by achieving both distant detection and near / very near detection (to about 2 m), which is difficult to achieve with a millimeter-wave perimeter monitoring radar.

Product features

Aiming to eliminate operator blind spots by adoption of the “pulse system” unique to Furukawa Automotive Systems

As the pulse system detects distance and relative speed on the two axes of time and frequency, distance and relative speed can be detected individually with respect to multiple targets such as obstacles and people at a wide angle (±60°) and over a wide range (0 to 75 m). Since it is possible to detect individual obstacles in both narrow and wide areas, even if somebody is walking alongside a wall a short or long distance away, it is possible to detect the wall and the person separately.

The same product can be used in multiple vehicles

The same product can be adapted for use in different types of vehicles due to its unique system configuration.

The product can be customized with detection performance matched to the environment of use

Apart from radar, perimeter monitoring systems include cameras, lasers and ultrasonic waves. Among these, radar has excellent weather resistance (snow, rain and fog) and anti-solar radiation performance (day, night and backlight). Consequently, it is possible to customize detection performance to meet customer needs so that the product is suitable for the environment of use (outdoors, in and around plant buildings, civil engineering construction sites, etc.), the surrounding environment (obstacles, distance) and subject work.

Overview of Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.

Establishment November 1950
Capital stock 100 million yen
Representative Shigenobu Abe, Representative Director
Head Office address 1000 Amago, Kora-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Main products Wire harnesses, related electrical components, automotive functional products
Shareholding ratio of Furukawa Electric 100%

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