Increased Production of High-Power DFB Laser Diode Chips for Signal Light Sources
- Meeting growing bandwidth demand in data centers and access networks that support widespread deployment of 5G -

June 23, 2021

  • Production capacity for DFB laser diode chips to be more than doubled
  • Responding to growing demand for optical transceivers in data centers and access networks
  • Engagement in technological innovation for the next generation photonics-electronics converged communication infrastructure with a wide range of laser products

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 2-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Keiichi Kobayashi) will increase its production capacity for DFB laser diode chips to be more than doubled.


With the expansion of new telecommunications services such as cloud services and 5G, communications traffic continues to grow. As a result, there is demand for greater capacity in everywhere from backbone networks to data centers and access networks.
In data centers and access networks, intensity-modulated optical transceivers are used because of their small size and low power consumption. High-power and single-wavelength DFB laser diode chip is widely used in combination with silicon photonics technology there, which has been increasing popularity due to its advantages in compactness, high integration, low power consumption, and low cost. Demand for DFB laser diode chips for optical transceivers is expected to increase continuously for the future due to the adoption of silicon photonic transceivers in tandem with growth in communication traffic.

Figure 1: Overview of Optical Communications Networks and Regions Where DFB Laser Diode Chips Are Used

Figure 2: Ethernet Transceiver Demand Forecast (LightCounting)


Since 2000, Furukawa Electric has been manufacturing DFB laser diode chips that have been recognized for their world-class high optical output and highly reliable technologies.
In response to the GAFAM(note 1) companies’ continuing massive investment in data centers and the increasing demand for bandwidth in access networks worldwide, Furukawa Electric is more than doubling production capacity for DFB laser diode chips. Furukawa Electric is also considering additional investment to further increase production capacity in anticipation of demand upswing.

Co-Packaged Optics (CPO(note 2)), IOWN concept(note 3) and other initiatives are expected to accelerate the trend of further integration toward photonics-electronics converged communication infrastructure in the future. Furukawa Electric will continue to develop DFB laser diode chips for the light sources in the era of super-integration.
Furukawa Electric provides an extensive lineup of light sources, including DFB laser diode chips, integrated tunable laser assembly (ITLA) signal light source for coherent transmission, and pumping laser diode modules as well, in order to realize a wide range of high-performance optical networks from backbone to data centers and access networks.
Furukawa Electric will continue to support the development of telecommunications to contribute to the realization of safe, secure and comfortable lifestyles.

(note 1)GAFAM: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft

(note 2)Co-Packaged Optics (CPO): technological concept to bring high speed optics and electronics together in the same package for smaller power consumption and smaller footprint

(note 3)IOWN concept: “IOWN” is short for “Innovative Optical and Wireless Network.” It is the concept of network and information processing infrastructure that includes terminals able to provide high-speed, high-capacity communications and enormous computing resources that exceed the limits of conventional infrastructure using innovative technologies centered on light.

Furukawa Electric Group’s efforts towards the SDGs

Based on the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” adopted by the United Nations, the Furukawa Electric Group has formulated the “Furukawa Electric Group Vision 2030” which sets the year 2030 as its target and is advancing efforts with the aim to “Build a sustainable world and make people’s life safe, peaceful and rewarding, Furukawa Electric Group will create solutions for the new generation of global infrastructure combining information, energy and mobility.” Toward the achievement of our Vision 2030, we will take open, agile, and innovative approaches to promote ESG management that that aims to increase corporate value over the medium to long term and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.