Our high density polyethylene pipe is made using polymer polyethylene. This is pipe material that can be used for the transportation of diverse media such as water or various types of chemicals, excels in pressure resistance, chemical resistance and also in rigidity while retaining flexibility, and has features including strong cold resistance.
Furukawa Electric’s Aqualex high density polyethylene pipe is for liquid supply applications including water and sewage, water for firefighting, water for industry and water for agriculture. We have realized lighter weight than conventional steel pipe and also 10 m straight pipes, bundles and drum winding in contrast to the lengths of conventional water pipe. By doing so, we have improved workability and enabled shorter work periods and a reduced number of places requiring connection.
Moreover, Aquaflex has excellent anti-corrosion properties, weatherability, earthquake resistance and flexibility, and also enables economical exposed piping in addition to conventional buried piping. We also have a lineup of products with increased internal pressure resistance due to a very strong fiber reinforced layer.

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