The deterioration of road signs, streetlights, road safety mirrors and other small roadside equipment is causing accidents throughout the country. To prevent these accidents, it’s important for such installments to be maintained and managed systematically, but it has become apparent that many regional administrations are having difficulty carrying out regular inspections because of their huge numbers.
Furukawa Electric's maintenace/inspection support solution will improve efficiency of roadside equipment maintenance cycle both in short (yearly) and long (five to ten years) periods using original digital transformation (DX) technologies.
  1. Roadside equipment inspection chart preparing service will identify the type and position of equipment from dash cam videos using an original robotic process automation (RPA) system to create formal inspection charts as the equipment digital database.
  2. Roadside equipment patrol support system will prepare a compact video database from the dash cam videos taken by a patrol vehicle. It will suggest an efficient preventive maintenance by the degradation records and will also screen equipment in good condition.
  3. Roadside equipment inspection support system is a support tool for efficient on-site inspection work with just a tablet device. It also simplifies editing of inspection charts by automatic sorting of captured images.

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