Furukawa Electric Selected for CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating Leaderboard for Second Consecutive Year

- High recognition for initiatives in supply chain greenhouse gas emissions -

February 15, 2021

  • International environmental NGO, CDP, has selected Furukawa Electric for its Supplier Engagement Rating Leaderboard for the second year in a row.
  • We were rated highly for our grasp of volumes of greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain, transparency, target setting, and actions.
  • We will continue to promote ESG management to contribute toward achieving SDGs and realizing the Furukawa Electric Group Vision 2030.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 2-2-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Keiichi Kobayashi) has been highly rated by CDP, an international environmental NGO, which has selected Furukawa Electric for its Leaderboard of “A” (top) rated companies in recognition of Furukawa’s outstanding climate change initiatives across the entire supply chain and related information disclosure. This is the second consecutive year that Furukawa Electric has received this high rating.


To contribute toward achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) and realize the Furukawa Electric Group Vision 2030 plan (hereafter, “Vision 2030”), the Furukawa Electric Group is working to strengthen its ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) management, in order to achieve improved corporate value over the medium to long term, with ESG at its foundation. For the Group to achieve sustainable growth, we have identified the roll-out of business activities that take climate change into consideration as one of our top management priorities (a materiality) for achieving Vision 2030, and we are promoting measures to counter climate change and disclose related information.


In recent years, extreme weather events occurring in various parts of the world have affected the Furukawa Electric Group’s business activities. In response, the Group has strengthened its environmental management systems throughout its business activities by establishing the Environmental Targets 2030 plan, and has promoted the disclosure of information, such as by responding to questionnaires from CDP and publishing integrated reports and sustainability books. These actions led to Furukawa Electric being selected by CDP as a Climate Change A-list company, its top rating, in December last year. Further, recently, we have also been rated highly for our grasp of volumes of greenhouse gas emissions, transparency, target setting, and actions in our climate change measures across the entire supply chain, and for our proactive disclosure of information in these regards. This has resulted in our selection for the Supplier Engagement Rating Leaderboard for the second consecutive year.

To contribute toward the achievement of our SDGs and realize Vision 2030, we will continue to promote energy conservation activities at our plants and works, as well as the use of renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power, which we have been using continuously for over a century, and solar power. We will also promote initiatives throughout the value chain to achieve our 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target, while also enhancing information disclosure and increasing the credibility of our initiatives, thereby strengthening our relationships of trust with stakeholders.

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About CDP

CDP is a non-governmental organization (NGO) managed by a British charity and operates a global information disclosure system for investors, businesses, countries, regions, and cities to manage their environmental impact.
CDP began activities in Japan in 2005.

CDP Supplier Engagement Rating

CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) is an index that rates companies’ engagement with their supply chains regarding climate change issues and promotes coordination among companies in the value chain. CDP publishes A-rated companies on its SER Leaderboard.

Furukawa Electric Group’s efforts towards the SDGs

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continuous technological innovation,” the Furukawa Electric Group is conducting business activities centered on four core technological capabilities (metals, polymers, photonics and high frequency). Moreover, keeping in mind the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” adopted by the UN, we formulated the “Furukawa Electric Group Vision 2030,” which clarified the business areas of the Furukawa Electric Group, and are advancing efforts aimed at “creating solutions for the new generation of global infrastructure combining information, energy, and mobility to build a sustainable world and make people’s life safe, peaceful, and rewarding.