Automotive Products (Wire Harness, Steering Roll Connector, Lead battery state detection sensor, Perimeter monitoring radars, etc.), Automotive Batteries, Batteries for Industrial Use

Results of operations in FY2023 (Year ended March 31, 2024)

Automotive Products business has focused on expanding sales of lightweight aluminum wire harnesses which contribute to promoting carbon neutrality, and wire harnesses which can carry high voltage, for which demand is expected to grow due to the expansion of the electric vehicles market. It has also strived to improve productivity while focusing on preparing a system that can flexibly respond to any sudden change in automotive production plan. Furthermore, it has worked on optimizing selling prices in response to the hike of raw material and fuel prices. Accordingly, both net sales and profit increased.
We will continue to work on sales expansion of aluminum wire harnesses, and wire harnesses that can carry high voltage; reduce costs by improving the productivity through the improvement of operational processes, the leveling of production, and optimization of inventory level; and promote the development of products toward the expansion of the electric vehicles market, aiming at securing net sales.

  2022/3 2023/3 2024/3
Net sales
(Billions of yen)
249.9 337.4 379.8
Operating income
(Billions of yen)
-4.6 1.5 15.6