Cable conduit materials, Water distribution piping and fluid transport piping, Foam Products, Tape for Semiconductor Process, Electronics parts, Heat-Dissipation / Cooling Products, Blank Material for Aluminum Memory Disk, Copper Foil

Results of operations in 2019 (Years ended March 31)

Copper Foil business maintained strong performance by capturing strong demand until the end of the year as well as improving the product mix. Memory Disk business achieved strong sales of aluminum substrate used in hard disks for data centers toward the end of the year. Since fourth quarter of the fiscal year, however, the demand has been declined in the electronics market, and all businesses in this segment was affected profitability.
As for AT & Functional Plastics business, we will actively develop new markets by introducing the new usage of tapes traditionally used for the production of semiconductors, and implement measures for securing earnings.
With regard to Thermal Management Solution & Products business, Memory Disk business, and Copper Foil business, despite a short-term decline in demand in the electronics market including data centers, we will propose and develop new products that meet customers’ demand, and continue to strive for the growth in the market.

  2017 2018 2019
Net sales
(Billions of yen)
131.5 153.1 149.3
Operating income
(Billions of yen)
11.7 14.0 13.5