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Results of operations in FY2020 (Year ended March 31, 2021)

With respect to Energy Infrastructure business, net sales and profit from renewable energy-related products in Japan and underground cables in Japan and abroad remained strong. However, net sales and profit from general-purpose power cables for construction and wholesalers markets declined, because market conditions in Japan were adversely affected by COVID-19, and our subsidiaries in China were affected by delays in the start of construction and a slowdown in logistics due to Stay-at-Home restrictions, etc.
We will promote order-taking activities focusing on securing profits, improve manufacturing and construction capabilities, including securing necessary human resources, and continue to enhance order-taking in our focus markets, including renewable energy segment in Japan, from which demand is expected to further grow.

  2019/3 2020/3 2021/3
Net sales
(Billions of yen)
108.1 114.5 100.9
Operating income
(Billions of yen)
-2.4 0.1 -1.9