Logistics, Real Estate Leasing, Hydroelectric Power Generation, Research & Development of New Products

Results of operations in FY2020 (Year ended March 31, 2021)

This segment supports the Group’s businesses through logistics, real estate leasing, hydraulic power generation, R&D of new products, and various services.

The logistics business

There is a high demand for expertise in logistics solutions throughout industry as a means of efficiently focusing corporate resources on core business. Furukawa Logistics Corporation, carrying out its mission to provide logistics support for Group companies, has accumulated know-how and expertise that ensure the provision of optimal logistics solutions to suit the challenges and needs of corporations.

The environmental and recycling business

The Furukawa Electric Group utilizes its nationwide network to collect out-of-service power lines and cables and recycle them through its dismantling system and at our plastic recycling plant, which are among Japan's largest. As a result, nearly 100% of conductor materials, such as copper and aluminum are recycled, even as we expand our use of insulation materials such as recycled plastic and fuel.