Providing a diverse range of products to the world in six business segments

Furukawa Electric is conducting business in the six segments of Infrastructure (Communications Solutions, Energy Infrastructure), Electronics & Automotive Systems (Automotive Products & Batteries, Electronics Component Material), Functional Products and Service and developments, etc. We are providing a diverse range of products that support daily life to people around the world.


Communications Solutions

The Communications Solutions Division is made up of the Optical Fiber and Cable products Division, FITEL products Division and Broadband Solutions Business Division, and it is involved in the manufacture and sale of products for telecommunications infrastructure and the design, installation and service of telecommunications networks.

The world is starting a transition to 5G (5th generation mobile telecommunications system), and this will bring about drastic changes to daily life. For the 5G society, “ultra-high speed and high capacity”, “low latency” and “simultaneous connections of multiple terminals” are required, and the division is working to develop and sell product lineups and services that respond to these social needs.

Energy Infrastructure

The Energy Infrastructure Division is made up of the Power Cable Division and Industrial Cable & Power Cable Accessories Division, and it is involved in the manufacture, sale and installation of ultra-high voltage, high voltage and medium to low voltage power cable and equipment.

The Power Cable Division was newly established following the reorganization in October 2016. Based on the national government policy of “make renewable energy a major source of electric power”, it will be necessary to prepare and reinforce the power lines in response to increasingly distributed power generation and strengthen the interconnections in Japan. Also, a stable supply of high-quality electric power is needed to support the 5G society, so while quickly establishing the business base, the division will contribute to the shift to the future energy mix.

Electronics & Automotive Systems

Automotive Products & Batteries,Electronics Component Material

The Electronics & Automotive System Division is made up of the Automotive Products Division, Battery Division, Electric Conductor Division, Magnet Wire Division, Copper & High performance Material Products Division and Copper Tube Division, and it is involved in the manufacture and sale of automotive components and copper products for electronics devices and materials.

In the automotive industry, the market for communications devices, sensors, control devices and passive components has grown following the increased opportunities for sharing information and knowledge as a result of “vehicle electrification”, “autonomous driving technology”, “IoT” and “AI”. Moreover, the materials are also required to have diverse characteristics.
In response to the major changes underway around the world, the division is utilizing its capabilities in material development, manufacturing technology, components and materials mainly in the automotive components business, and it will make a wide range of valuable proposals that are unique to the company.

Automotive Products & Batteries

Electronics Component Material

Functional Products

Functional Products

The Functional products Division is made up of the AT & Functional Plastics Division, Thermal Management Solution & Products Division, Memory Disk Division and Copper Foil Division, and it is involved in the manufacture and sale of functional products made from plastics and nonferrous metals.

In the electronics market including data centers, while aiming to increase profits through well differentiated products with high added value, the division is providing solutions in line with the changes in the social environment through product development based on the company's plastics technology.

Service and developments, etc.

Service and developments, etc.

This segment supports various other businesses within the Group through logistics, renting real estate, hydroelectric generation, R&D for new products, and subcontracting.