Continuing to contribute to society

The 130 year history of the Furukawa Electric Group is a history of contributing to society. Furukawa Group founder Ichibei Furukawa promoted development in Japan based on a desire to "make Japan brighter", and with a broad perspective and high sense of ethics, he worked to achieve this great ideal. The Furukawa Electric Group inherits this desire and has supported the growth of society mainly in areas concerning social infrastructure. Going forward, through endless technological innovation, we will aim to create solutions for the new generation of global infrastructure combing information, energy and mobility in order to build a sustainable world and make people's life safe, peaceful and rewarding.

1884~ Foundation & Dawning of a New Era

Opened Honjo Copper Smeltery and Yamada Cable Works

Started Japan's first electrodeposit copper trial operations

1900~ Helping to Establish Japan's Social Infrastructure

Manufactured Japan's first submarine electric cable

Installed an antenna and feed line on Tokyo Tower

1960~ Expanding Overseas

Established company in Brazil manufacturing and selling aluminum power cables

World's first successful field trial of optical fiber cable

2000~ Speeding up Global Development

Bought out the optical fiber division of Lucent Technologies in the US

Acquired SuperPower Inc., a manufacturer of high temperature superconducting wire in the US

Participated in the Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project

Established a research center in the Silicon Valley

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