1. Basic policy

With the aim of realizing fair and transparent management, we will comply with the related laws and regulations, ensure the appropriate and timely disclosure of information and promote constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including investors and shareholders, through active communication.

2. Information disclosure criteria

We will disclose information in compliance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other related laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, information deemed to be beneficial for our stakeholders, including investors and shareholders, will be disclosed and provided as necessary regardless of its status as financial or non-financial information, and at the same time, we will strive to disclose information in a manner that is easy to understand and highly useful.

3. Information disclosure method

Information falling under the Timely Disclosure Rules will first be disclosed on TDnet (timely disclosure network) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and then promptly posted on our corporate website. Information that does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules will also be disclosed in writing on our corporate website in accordance with the intent of the fair disclosure rules set forth in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act when such information is beneficial for our stakeholders, including investors and shareholders, and may have a material impact on investment decisions. In addition, we will strive to disclose and provide the information in English when deemed necessary.

4. Dialogue with investors and shareholders

With the aim of realizing sustainable growth and increasing medium to long-term corporate value, we will establish an organization and initiatives for promoting constructive dialogue with investors and shareholders. Specifically, while ensuring the fairness of information disclosure and with consideration for the intent of the meeting, we will strive to enhance this dialogue through ways including individual dialogue with appropriate persons, holding voluntary presentations and meetings and disclosing corporate information to the world on our website. Also, the feedback received from investors and shareholders during this dialogue will be regularly provided to the Board of Directors.

5. Preventing insider trading and ensuring fair information disclosure

We will appropriately manage material corporate information and strive to prevent insider trading. Moreover, in accordance with the intent of the fair disclosure rules, we will establish internal rules aimed at ensuring fair information disclosure and promote thorough awareness and understanding among all group employees.

6. Handling of business forecasts and forward-looking information

In the business forecasts and plans we announce, excluding past and present facts, the economic conditions including industry trends in each business, exchange rate fluctuations and other factors that may impact the financial results are based on forecasts and assumptions made by our group using the information available at that time, and the actual financial results may differ significantly due to various risks and uncertainties.

7. Quiet period

In order to prevent the leak of financial results and ensure the fair disclosure of information, we have established a quiet period extending from the day after the closing date of the fiscal term to the day on which the financial results are reported. During this quiet period, we will be unable to comment or respond to any questions concerning the financial results. However, if an event that is expected to have a major impact on the business forecast occurs during the quiet period, this information will be disclosed in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

8. Establishment of internal organizations

We will establish internal organizations for appropriately implementing this disclosure policy and for the appropriate and timely disclosure of information based on the Timely Disclosure Rules. Further information concerning our timely disclosure organization can be found in the “Organization chart (overview of the timely disclosure organization)” attached to the Corporate Governance Report.