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Composing the core of a brighter world.

Maintaining reliability and comfort in our daily lives.Facilitating social progress and development as a path toward a prosperous future.Ensuring the happy coexistence of people and the Earth, today and tomorrow.

Creating and delivering these “indispensables” as the core of a better future.That is our reason for being.

That is what drives us to approach various social issues with new ideas and take on a wide range of challenges in infrastructure and beyond. We have diligently honed our technological and problem-solving capabilities since our foundation in 1884.

Through continuous innovation,we are uniquely positioned to achieve even more.All to brighten the world.

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Furukawa Electric Group’s
Philosophy system


Furukawa Electric GroupPurpose

Composing the core of a brighter world.

Furukawa Electric Group’s Reason for Being

  • Uniqueness of the Furukawa Electric Group
  • World we are aiming to realize
  • What we need to do to realize that world

Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, Addressing Reality, Ownership and Speed, Collaboration

The “Core Values” are the values that are important and should be further strengthened in order to achieve continuous innovation.

Furukawa Electric GroupVision 2030

In order to build a sustainable world and make people’s life safe, peaceful and rewarding, Furukawa Electric Group will create solutions for the new generation of global infrastructure combining information, energy and mobility.

Business activitiesMedium-term Management Plan

Milestones for achieving Vision 2030

Furukawa Electric GroupCSR Code of Conduct

Sets forth the basic code of conduct for the group’s officers and employees from the perspective of the company’s social responsibility when conducting corporate activities based on the “Furukawa Electric Group Purpose” and “Core Values”