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Special Issue : Optical Communication

Opening Remarks

Special Issue on the Optical Communication


Development of a Micro ITLA for Optical Digital Coherent Communication

The Development of the 1060 nm 28 Gb/s VCSEL and the Characteristics of the Multi-mode Fiber Link

High Power AlGaInAs/InP Widely Wavelength Tunable Laser

Analysis of The Semiconductor Laser Diode Using Off-axis Electron Holography and Lorentz Microscopy

New Products

A Multi-Fiber Low Friction Indoor Cable with an Easy Mid-Span Access

Regular Papers

The Quantitative Evaluation of Anode Thickness Change for Lithium-ion Batteries

New Products

First Supply of Cold Shrinkable Joint for 275 kV XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Ground Transportation and Installation of an Ultra-long Power EHV (extra-high-voltage) Cable for the Chiba-Katsunan Line Project in Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated

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