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This is a technology and research journal introducing the research results, technologies, and new products of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Special Issue : R&D Group and Global Expansion

Opening Remarks

Our Efforts to Develop a New Business and a Global R&D in the Furukawa Electric Group

The Globalization of the Furukawa Electric Group

Overview of the Special Issue

R&D Group and Global Expansion


Establish New Development Structure for Global Market: International Technology Development Center

Company Profile

Introduction of SuperPower Inc. and High Temperature Superconducting Wire


Advanced Technology

Gas Phase Precursor Chemistry in Carbon Nanotube Growth: a Reactive Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry Study


Ultra-large-area Low-loss Fibers and Advanced Amplifiers for Large Capacity Long Haul Optical Networks


Distributed Sensing Over Meter Lengths Using Twisted Multicore Optical Fiber with Continuous Bragg Gratings

Regular Papers


A Narrow Linewidth Tunable Light Source with an Etched Core DR Laser


Cladding Pumped Amplifier Using Seven-core EDF

Automotive Products・Electronics

The Development of a Cu-Co-Si Alloy with a High Strength and a High Electrical Conductivity

Automotive Products・Electronics

Lead-Acid Battery State Sensor

Fusion of Core Technologies

The Application of the Electromagnetic Simulation Technology to the Products in the Automotive Fields

Advanced Technology

Effect of the Surface State of Particle and the Polyol Decomposition on the Copper Nanoparticle Sintering Process

New Products

Electronics·Automotive systems

Heat-Resistance Low-Insertion Force Cu-Sn Plated Strip

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Secretary Takuya Komatsu

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