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This is a technology and research journal introducing the research and development results, technologies, and new products of Furukawa Electric Group.

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This Furukawa Electric Review 53 introduces our challenges to solve social issues in order to embody the basic philosophy of Furukawa Electric Group “Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continuous technological innovation”. Through these challenges, we hope you will feel the thoughts on achieving the goals of SDGs set by the world from each paper.

Furukawa Electric Review Chief Editor, General Manager, Intellectual Property Dept., Senior Fellow Michio Ohkubo

Opening Remarks

Breakthrough With SDGs by “Value new technology”

Regular Papers

Technology for Producing Green LPG With Ramune Catalyst

Building a Solution to the Plastic Waste Problem With Paper Fibre Reinforcement Technology

Development of DC Microgrid Control Method

Development of Self-bonding NbTi Wires for Superconducting Magnets

Advanced Simulation Technologies for Next-Generation Transmission Fibers

PropSim v1.0: A Convenient Way to Model Light Propagation in Optical Fibers

Technological Trends, Development Tasks and Initiatives for Submarine Power Cable Systems
- Contribution to the Achievement of SDGs -

Development of the Wiring System Technology to Realize its Weight-Reduction in Vehicles


The Initiatives of the Digital Innovation Center to Promote the Digital Transformation

New Products

Automotive Wires With the World’s Highest Level of Wear Resistance

The validity of SDGs logo attached to each paper has been verified by the patent / non-patent information analysis.

Furukawa Electric Review editorial committee

Chief Editor

Michio Ohkubo

Board of Editors

Yoshiyuki Noso, Shusuke Kaya, Hirohiko Furuta, Shunichi Asakura, Sadahiro Kato, Takehiko Nomura, Michihiro Shimada, Akira Fujisaki, Hideki Ii, Kyota Susai, Hideo Tanaka, Tsutomu Gunji, Masayuki Ando, Kazuya Imamatsu, Naoki Hiraoka, Kenya Kawabata, Toshiaki Tateishi, Kiyoshi Inoue, Kuniteru Mihara, Masahiro Yagisawa

Secretary Rika Takahashi

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