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Furukawa Electric Group has upheld the theme of “Growth through the creation of businesses that solve the social issues” with the aim of achieving the Vision 2030. And under the evolutional slogan of “Open, Agile, Innovative”, the Group is promoting the formation of partnerships especially with outsiders to the Group as a materiality, which is an important management issue.
This is the first time for Furukawa Electric Review to receive two contributions from outside the Group. Both are from strong partners who have mastered the technology and shared the success of our business in the field of the “Laser Processing for Copper”.
Including these contributions, we hope that the author’s passion for “Laser Processing for Copper” entrusted to each paper can be felt.

Furukawa Electric Review Chief Editor, Intellectual Property Dept. General Manager Michio Ohkubo

Special Issue : Laser Processing for Copper

Opening Remarks

Solving the Social Issues Through Marketing Orientation and Solution Proposals

Special Contribution

Advances in Material Processing Technology of Copper Using Short Wavelength Lasers
– The Role of Blue Diode Lasers in The Smart Country Concept –

Professor, Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Masahiro Tsukamoto
Yuji Sato, Ritsuko Higashino, Nobuyuki Abe, Yoshinori Funada, Yu Sakon, Seigo Ouchi, Kohhei Asano, Koji Tojo

Development of High-Power Blue Laser Diodes

Principal Researcher, NICHIA CORPORATION Shinichi Nagahama


High Quality Processing of Copper Using Fiber Lasers

Development of the High-Power Blue Laser Diode Module and its Laser System

The Features of the Blue-IR Hybrid Laser and the Copper Processing Technique
– High Quality Copper Welding by Using the Blue-IR Hybrid Laser –

Development of Laser Welding Applications With Blue-IR Hybrid-Laser

New Products

Blue-IR Hybrid Laser “BRACE”

Regular Papers

Communications Solutions

Hollow Core Fiber Cable

Communications Solutions

The Development of a Nano-ITLA for Digital Coherent Datacenter Interconnects

New Products

Communications Solutions

Super High End Fusion Splicer S185ROF / S185PMROF

Communications Solutions

Ultra-high Fiber Count (UHFC) 6912-Fiber Cable With 200 μm 16-Fiber Rollable Ribbon, Ribbon Fiber Mass Fusion Splicer S124M16 and Related Tools

Electronics & Automotive Systems

Roughening Copper Plating With High Resin Adhesion

Furukawa Electric Review editorial committee

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Michio Ohkubo

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Yoshiyuki Noso, Shusuke Kaya, Koichi Toyosaki, Shunichi Asakura, Sadahiro Kato, Michihiro Shimada, Akira Fujisaki, Hideki Ii, Kyota Susai, Hideo Tanaka, Masayuki Sasaki, Masayuki Ando, Kazuya Imamatsu, Naoki Hiraoka, Kenya Kawabata, Toshiaki Tateishi, Kiyoshi Inoue, Go Isobe, Masahiro Yagisawa

Secretary Toshiaki Amano, Rika Takahashi

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