Tomomichi Yasuoka, Nobuyasu Matsumoto, Masamitsu Kaneko, Takashi Shigematsu


With the trend of promoting carbon neutrality in the world, the vehicle electrification has begun to progress. When electrified, it is expected that the number of copper containing components will increase and the number of joining portion will increase. On the other hand, in copper welding with Infra-Red (hereinafter IR) fiber laser is said to be difficult to achieve a welding quality which has no welding defects, due to frequent occurrences of spatters and blowholes. We believe that Furukawa Electric’s hybrid laser based on its characteristics could achieve the targeted welding quality without causing any defects during welding, and we are moving forward in the development of the applications. In this paper, the development results especially on the applications to in-vehicle batteries and motors are reported.

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