Professor, Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Masahiro Tsukamoto
Yuji Sato, Ritsuko Higashino, Nobuyuki Abe, Yoshinori Funada, Yu Sakon, Seigo Ouchi, Kohhei Asano, Koji Tojo


Smart Country Concept (SCC) of the “People-friendly town development where people can get together.” has been proposed as the “Town Development” that Japan should aim for. “People-friendly” is a society where a smart mobility exists and “People can get together.” is a safe and secure society that incorporates the public health environment that reduces the risk of viruses. Since copper has a high electrical conductivity and super antibacterial properties, it is a very useful material for the achievement of both societies. The processing range of copper has been expanded because of the higher output and the higher brightness of blue diode lasers. In this report, along with showing the superiority of blue diode lasers, we will introduce the processing machine and the examples of the copper processing that apply the blue diode lasers developed in the NEDO laser project.

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