Roman Shubochkin, Yi Sun, David Braganza, Kasyapa Balemarthy, Jinkee Kim, Man Yan, Robert Lingle, Jr., John Kamino, Durgesh Vaidya


In this paper, we report on the design, fabrication and bit error ratio (BER) testing of next generation wideband multimode fiber (NG WBMMF). The fiber is designed to support at least 4 communication channels at wavelengths between 850 and 950 nm at speeds of up to 28 Gb/s while guaranteeing the same performance as a standard OM4 MMF at 850 nm. Initial systems testing results indicate that the fiber can potentially extend MMF link lengths up to 300 m at a pre-Forward Error Corrected (pre-FEC) BER while delivering a combined 100 Gb/s transmission speed in a duplex link.

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