Yoshito Fujii, Ryosuke Matsuo, Masaru Higuchi


With coming of the next generation automotive technology revolution such as EV and the development of computer network, a high current and a high voltage electric circuit for the electric motor, a power supply for the PC server and others have been progressing. Also the terminals, the connectors, the relays and others, which are current-carrying material, the reduction of the power loss or the self-heating and further, maintaining the reliability of the good electrical contact even under the high temperature environment due to the heat generation are required. Therefore, a high electrical conductivity and an excellent stress relaxation resistance are required for the conductive material. This time, we worked on the development of a high electrical conductivity and high heat resistance copper alloy strip EFTEC- 550, which is better performing than the existing copper alloy on the stress relaxation property and the connection reliability. By dispersing high-density and fine Cr precipitates in the copper matrix, the strength and the electrical conductivity of this developed product is well balanced. Also, a better stress relaxation property has been achieved by adding a small amount of Mg.

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