Tomohiro Ishii, Hideo Nishikubo, Hidemichi Fujiwara


Recently, the R & D on the sintered materials are very active to realize the soldering of electronic components and the forming of fine wiring circuits at a low temperature using metal nanoparticles as a raw material. Especially, the prospects for copper nanoparticles, which have advantage in a material cost in comparison with that of gold or silver, is increasing. So the mass production technique of the copper nanoparticles is required at a low cost and at a low environmental impact. In this research, the fabrication process adopting the electrochemical reduction is investigated as a method to synthesize the copper nanoparticles. As a result, it is confirmed that the copper nanoparticles of smaller than 100 nm in the primary particle diameter can be fabricated by the electrochemical reduction method and that the copper nanoparticles fabricated in it can be sintered at a low temperature around 200℃.

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