Ryo Kawahara, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Jeffrey W. Nicholson, Eisuke Otani, Shunichi Matsushita


In the laser processing field, the pulsed laser which can temporally control its laser beam entering into a processed object, is becoming popular in applications of marking and of micro processing. In such applications, it is necessary to increase the output power with maintaining of the beam quality and to have the tunability of the pulse width and the repetition rate for an optimization of the processing conditions, an improving of the processing speed and an expansion of the processing area. In order to meet such requirement, we have developed the pulsed fiber laser with the configuration of a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) which has a direct modulated seed light source and an optical fiber amplifier which amplifies the output from the seed light source. This pulsed fiber laser uses a specialty fiber manufactured by OFS as a gain fiber of the optical amplifier, in order to achieve a high peak power optical pulse output with an inhibition of a non-linear effect in an optical fiber, and over 100kW of a high peak power amplification and a high beam quality output are achieved in a time domain where the pulse width is in sub-nanosecond to several nanoseconds.

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