Kiyoshige Hirose, Katsuki Suematsu, Junya Hirano, Kazutaka Nara


There are problems in the fact that the inspections and the maintenances of the road signs owned and managed by the local governments nationwide, especially the inspections of the small-scale road signs, are often postponed due to the shortage of the human resources and the lack of the funds at each local government. In response, Furukawa Electric Group has developed and released a road sign inspection support system. Using this development as an example, we modeled the process of the new business creation activities starting from the market by defining them in six Phases. There are obstacles between each Phase, and the specific activities are required inside and outside a company in order to overcome the obstacles. It is difficult to carry out these activities alone, and the new human combination inside and outside the company that goes beyond the existing organization becomes important.

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