Tomohiro Takagi, Masashi Yagi


The ground fault experiment for the 275 kV HTS cable was conducted, as a part of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project, where the alternating current simulates the ground fault flowed in a short piece of the cable with an artificial ground fault point. The sample without any protection had a large hole on the inner and outer cryostat pipes with the 3 cycles of an alternating current of 10 kA. Then the sample with the protection layer consisting of the insulating non-woven textile on the cable core and the inner cryostat pipe was tried in order to keep the integrity of the outer cryostat pipe. The cable cores were damaged severely with or without the protection layer on the cable core, however the protection layer on the inner cryostat pipe succeeded in keeping the outer cryostat pipe with the 3 cycles of alternating current of 20 kA.

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