Shunta Akiya, Shoichi Danjo, Takemi Isomatsu, Ryosuke Matsuo, Tatsuhiko Eguchi


The electrical contact materials such as connectors have been required to have a higher strength and a higher electrical conductivity because of the advance of the increase in current and the size reduction of electronic devices. In this study, we have researched the influence of the concentrations of Co and Si and the addition of Sn and Mg to the strength, the electrical conductivity and the stress relaxation property of Cu-Co-Si alloys for the development of an alloy with balanced properties including a stress relaxation property which is important for connector materials. We have improved the balance of various properties by increasing the concentrations of Co and Si and simultaneously adding Sn and Mg, thereby developed a Cu-Co-Si based alloy with an excellent strength, electrical conductivity and stress relaxation property.

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