Promoting DX (digital transformation) to solve social issues and contribute to unrivaled quality

  • We are deepening digital technologies as the center of the Furukawa Electric Group.
  • We are developing digital technologies which contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the resolution of social issues.
     - We are creating new businesses in the integrated fields of information, energy and mobility.
     - We are innovating in manufacturing technologies (MONOZUKURI) and realize unrivaled quality by combining digital technologies and the four core technologies of Furukawa Electric (metals, polymers, photonics and high frequency electronics).
  • We are developing AI and IoT human resources those able to succeed across the Furukawa Electric Group.

Message from the Center Director

In a future society, “products” and “the right experience for the customer” will be connected strongly by data and new values will be created. For example, autonomous driving, an integrated area of information and mobility, is becoming a major trend.
The digital technologies of AI and IoT are essential for realizing the creation of new businesses that solve social issues and the innovation in MONOZUKURI for the society. For example, high reliability and quality of products based on AI and IoT technologies are essential in order to use “unmanned, remote and automatic control” at ease.
In order to strengthen digital technologies as basic technologies, we will establish a cross-sectoral organization integrating R&D, MONOZUKURI, ICT strategy and marketing divisions, and reinforce our number of AI human resources above 100 people by fiscal year 2021.
Also, we will combine digital technologies with the strengths of the Furukawa Electric Group
 ・to realize DX including remote and automated control based on the detection of abnormalities using AI and IoT,
 ・and the digitization and digitalization of data related to social infrastructure
such as roads and electric lines.

Director, Digital Innovation Center
Takehiko Nomura

Main development themes

The “model” of DX

  • Remote and unmanned control based on AI
  • The digitization and digitalization of data related to infrastructure

The basic concept of digitalization

Application of AI technologies to visual inspections

Challenging towards the thorough streamlining of inspections

Visual inspections, conventional image processing

  • Personalization of inspections
  • Large burden on business

Investigation examples

  • Automotive parts
  • Electrical wire

Process informatics

Challenging towards data-driven quality improvements
Feature prediction, factor analysis and abnormality detection

Conventional process control

  • The experience and intuition of an expert
  • Issues in technology transfer

Investigation examples

  • Optical communication parts
  • Metal products

Materials informatics

Challenging towards great reduction of material development time

Conventional material development

  • Enormous amounts of time for experiments and calculations

Investigation examples

  • Crystalline materials
  • Metallic materials

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