Utilizing intellectual property as a management resource

We will achieve Furukawa Electric Group’s Vision 2030 by using this intellectual property effectively and co-creating R&D, intellectual property and business as a trinity team.

The creation of rights as patents and other intellectual property rights for the core technologies of the Furukawa Electric Group minimizes risk and contributes to the stabilization of business operations.

Expanding markets and building an ecosystem based on an open intellectual property rights strategy, and analyzing the intellectual property of other companies maximizes opportunities and contributes to the formulation of R&D strategies and business strategies 

Intellectual Property Department positions intellectual property as a management resource that can be “used” in business, and supports “intellectual property management” that strengthens business competitiveness through these two functions.

The basic way of thinking to promote intellectual property management

In order to promote intellectual property management, execute an intellectual property strategy for the well-differentiated, original technology, and strengthen the businesses through intellectual property activities based on a cycle originating with "Analysis⇔Use". The basic way of thinking to promote intellectual property management is to use the management resource of intellectual property in a cycle starting with use (use -> creation / accumulation -> protection).
In order to contribute to the realization of a truly prosperous, sustainable society through continuous technological innovation, we will establish IP landscaping as a means of ambidextrous management (management aimed at both "deepening knowledge" for advancing the existing businesses and "searching for knowledge" for developing new businesses). Through this, we will aim to achieve integrated management of intellectual property that includes not only traditional intellectual property but also human resources, organizational capabilities, customer networks and other management resources.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

We will manage our group's unique, well-differentiated technology as intellectual property rights and technological know-how, and minimize the business risks.
In order to realize growth by strengthening the businesses designed to solve social issues, we will build and use an intellectual property portfolio based on a detailed analysis of the competition in the areas of information, energy and mobility, and directed at 2025, we will support maximizing profits in existing businesses through a focus on capital efficiency.
Almost half of the intellectual property (patent rights, utility model rights, design rights and trademark rights) possessed by the company will form the portfolio covering optical fiber and cable (Optical Fiber &anp; Cable Products Division), power cable systems (Power Cable Division), wire harnesses (Automotive Products Division) and tape for semiconductor process (AT & Functional Plastics Division). In these businesses, we will use intellectual property based on an open & close strategy and stabilize business execution by reducing intellectual property risk.

Rights held by Furukawa Electric

Breakdown of rights by division in fiscal 2021

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