Laboratory overview

The Material Laboratory specializes in developing materials based on our core metals and polymers technology.As stated in the Corporate Philosophy, "Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials," while considering the future of the earth and all people, we support the creation and growth of businesses and contribute to the development of a truly prosperous, sustainable society.

Laboratory mission

The Material Laboratory strives to advance the materials capabilities and search for new capabilities, and along with completing the customer's required job and solving social issues, our mission is to create new value in the area of social infrastructure that combines information, energy and mobility. In the electrical wire and power cable business that has existed since the founding of the company, we will bring together the unique technologies accumulated in each business segment and contribute to the expanded use of renewable energy and realization of carbon neutrality by conducting R&D for electrical wire and power cable based on a long-term perspective. In addition, in the infrastructure domain, including telecommunications and energy, as well as the mobility domain, electronics domain and functional products domain, we will work to design materials and cultivate recycling technology based on the realization of a circular economy. In addition, we will lead the formation of value chain that does not generate waste.

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