Laboratory overview

In a future society equipped with 6G, there are expectations for the realization of a truly prosperous, secure society that includes the use of AI and digital twins. To achieve this, it will be necessary to expand the capacity of optical networks and increase signal processing speed at data centers. Also, in order to protect the global environment, it is necessary to reduce the power consumption and environmental impact of data transmission devices. At the laboratory, we are working to solve social issues such as these and searching for new photonics applications.

Laboratory mission

Through the use of photonics technology including the optical fibers and lasers developed over many years, we will realize next-generation optical networks with ultra-large capacity and low latency.

By combining the company's core technologies, we will achieve low power consumption and high density packaging of optical devices and make advances to electronic-photonic convergence technology. Regarding high-power lasers, we will increase their performance and pursue high-speed, high-accuracy processing technology for products including xEV components.

In addition, we will conduct R&D for satellite communications, wireless power transfer and medical uses as new applications for photonics.

Photonics devices that advance telecommunications technology

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