Laboratory overview

The Electronics Research Laboratory aims to respond to social issues such as the future xEV, CASE, MaaS society and the realization of an infrastructure-powerful, resource-recycling society aimed at realizing carbon neutrality by developing products/services that combine Furukawa Electric's core technologies and electronics technologies with the slogan of contributing to the realization of a truly rich society. We are also making use of these technologies to create new businesses.

Laboratory mission

We will solve the above social problems and create electronics products that realize safety, security and comfort.

  • To develop highly functional wiring systems and sensing techniques to meet the CASE of mobility
  • Development of Connected-Related Products in the Combined Domain Linking Mobility and Infrastructure
  • Development of energy-related technologies that support the mass introduction of renewable energy and electric vehicles, such as bipolar-type lead-acid batteries (mainly materials and controls), DC power distribution, and rapid charge and discharge equipment
  • Development of high-power lasers and application systems for high-temperature superconductivity using Furukawa's device and material technologies, as well as wireless power transfer and thermal management equipment

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