OFS Laboratories is a World-Class Center of Excellence for Optical Innovations

We are a trendsetter in discovering better ways to bring optical technologies to communications, medicine, aviation, transportation, geophysics, in communities, between cities, across oceans, continents, and through "the last mile" to businesses and residences.

OFS Laboratories creates commercially viable technology breakthroughs that OFS can take to market quickly. In keeping with our Bell Labs heritage, we continue to build on a core competency in the areas of optical fiber design, fabrication and optical device physics. We maintain leadership through continued publications and visibility.

Message from the President

The mission of OFS Laboratories is to create new technology that advances the use of photonics in improving many aspects of everyday life. Whether for high-speed communications, medicine, industrial manufacturing, aerospace or security, OFS Labs researcher develop new products and processes that serve a wide customer base and impact many markets. We do this by promoting a free flow of ideas among world-class researchers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse areas of expertise. When this network is challenged with difficult problems, innovation happens. We are proud of our many achievements and brimming with ideas for the future.

President, OFS Laboratories
David J. DiGiovanni

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