Laboratory overview

While society changes rapidly, it is necessary to grasp environmental and social issues and the jobs of customers firmly, and build the new social infrastructure that will turn social issues into value.  In order to realize this, the mission of Sustainable Technology Laboratories is to create the seeds of new businesses by back-casting from visions of future society and exploring emerging technologies that anticipate advanced technologies.

Laboratory mission

We create and cultivate the seeds of new businesses aimed at creating sustainable social infrastructure by integrating thematic exploration activities for the resolution of environmental and social issues with the function of deepening core technologies. In addition, by accumulating new technologies that anticipate advanced technologies, we will build fundamental technologies that will support innovation, provide feedback on environmental and social issues, and connect to the creation of inside-out themes able to contribute to customers. To this end also, we will nurture the creativity of young people and the mobility of experts, and refine our specialty advanced technologies thoroughly through collaboration between industry, government and academia, and open innovation to realize our dreams for the future.

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