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This is a technology and research journal introducing the research results, technologies, and new products of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Special Issue : OneF Automotive Technology (Note)

(Note) "OneF" is an abbreviation for “One Furukawa Electric”.

Opening Remarks

The Expectations for the OneF Automotive Business Development Team Activities

Innovation Through OneF Automotive Business Development Activities


Development of a 24 GHz Band Peripheral Monitoring Radar

The Development of Next-Generation Technologies in the Domain of Winding Wires of Main Electric Motors

The Development of the High Strength Aluminum Alloy Wire

A High Electric Power Supply to Electric Cars Using the Electric Field Resonance

The Development of the Heat Storage Technology for the Automotive Waste-Heat Management

New Products

The Development on a Micro Cellular Light Reflector From the Indirect Lighting to the Communication Device

Regular Papers

Fusion of Core Technologies

The Development of a High Quality and a High Peak Power Pulsed Fiber Laser With a Flexible Tunability of the Pulse Width


A High Power Tunable Light Source for Coherent Communications Using a Distributed Reflector Laser Array Combined With an AWG Coupler

Advanced Technology

Analysis of the Nano Inclusions in a Copper Foil With the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering


Verification of the HTS Cable at an Accident
- Protection Against the Ground Fault for 275 kV HTS Cable and Experiment -

New Products

Electronics·Automotive systems

Development of the High Tensile Strength and the High Thermal Stability Copper Foil NC-TSH

Electronics·Automotive systems

Development of Oxygen-free Copper Strips “GOFC” With Superior Heat-resisting Properties

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