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Data center solutions

With our technical strength in telecommunication, materials including heat diffusion, Furukawa Electric provides a wide range of products for data centers and solves the problems that our customers are facing.

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Data centers supporting high speed, large volume communication and cloud services

Data centers house IT equipments including servers, storage and network devices to process the data. The further evolution of data centers has made large volume data communication possible in our everyday life. In recent years, “hyperscale data centers” has been increasing to support the more widespread use of cloud services and even faster, larger volume data communication. Furukawa Electric supports wide range datacenters from enterprise data centers to hyperscale data centers through our technology of optical transmission, power transmission, functional materials in devices.

Data center solutions of Furukawa Electric

With our optical transmission, power cable and electronics technology, we provide a broad lineup of high reliable products for data centers and solve the problems our customers are facing.

Product lineup

Furukawa Electric offers a product lineup covering a wide range of data center applications. For more details, use the links provided below to view the individual product websites.

List of products for data center

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